NyloNove Veteran Sherman S - Installation Guide

Instructions for installing NyloNove pedals on the Veteran Sherman S electricunicycles.

NyloNove for Veteran Sherman S are available in two versions:

CAUTION! Remove the old footplate with the locking system before starting the installation!

  1. Place the NyloNove footplate in the mounting position.
  2. Slide the threaded axle with the nylon washer through the wheel mount holes and the footplate holes - do not tighten this axle yet!
  3. Insert the axle from the other side, but do not insert it completely - leave about 1-2 cm outside.
  4. Check if the footplate folds and unfolds freely.
  5. Fully insert the unthreaded axle.
  6. Slowly tighten the threaded axle using #4 Allen Key all the time checking the tightness of folding and unfolding the footplate.
  7. Do not tighten the axle with the thread to the stop - there is a risk of damage!
    The maximum tightening torque for a threaded axle is 5Nm.
  8. Adjust the tightening torque of the axle until the footplate is free to fall under the influence of gravity.
  9. Secure the axle with the locking screw from underneath using a #2.5 Allen key.
  10.  Adjust the angle of the footplate with the adjusting screws using the #4 Allen key.
  11. Pressing feet in a single footplate must rest on the wheel hinge at the same time.
    Caution! The inclination of the footplate is possible from 4 to 20 degrees.

Veteran Sherman S - NyloNove footplates

Veteran Sherman S - NyloNove Footplates

Critical Note! Do not use thread adhesive such as Loctite!

Attention! In the version with overlays may prevent the footplates from fully closing! Pins may damage the housing when closing, check for collision before fully closing to avoid damage!

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